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Getting errors when do serverless deploy

See original GitHub issue
serverless deploy --verbose

<--- Last few GCs --->

   57874 ms: Scavenge 1323.2 (1434.4) -> 1323.2 (1434.4) MB, 24.8 / 0 ms [allocation failure].
   57899 ms: Scavenge 1323.2 (1434.4) -> 1323.2 (1434.4) MB, 24.7 / 0 ms [allocation failure].
   57924 ms: Scavenge 1323.2 (1434.4) -> 1323.2 (1434.4) MB, 25.0 / 0 ms [allocation failure].
   57949 ms: Scavenge 1323.2 (1434.4) -> 1323.2 (1434.4) MB, 24.8 / 0 ms [allocation failure].
   57973 ms: Scavenge 1323.2 (1434.4) -> 1323.2 (1434.4) MB, 24.8 / 0 ms [allocation failure].

<--- JS stacktrace --->
Cannot get stack trace in GC.
FATAL ERROR: Scavenger: semi-space copy
 Allocation failed - process out of memory
[1]    47248 abort      serverless deploy --verbose

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ValkyrieUKcommented, Aug 11, 2017

I had to nest the environment object inside the custom section.

    environment: ${file(./env.yml):${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}}

And then reference variables like so.

TableName: ${self:provider.custom.environment.CACHE_DB_NAME}

I also changes the env.yaml file too something like this.

# variables for "dev" stage
# General
  SERVICE: ${self:service}
  STAGE: ${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}
  REGION: ${opt:region, self:provider.region}
  TOKEN_SECRET: token-secret-123
# Database
  CACHE_DB_NAME: ${self:service}-cache-${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}
  USERS_DB_NAME: ${self:service}-users-${opt:stage, self:provider.stage}
# Cognito
  USER_POOL_ID: eu-west-mypool-id
# Providers
  PROVIDER_GOOGLE_SECRET: cg-mock-secret

Then when deploying pass in stage and region flags.

sls deploy --stage dev --region eu-west-1

Now it seems to be working fine for me.

zorpheuxcommented, Aug 28, 2017

@laardee I fixed my own issue using your observation above. Would be nice if you’d submit a PR.

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