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Ability to create an adapter dynamically

See original GitHub issue

There are a lot of cases where users are not able to use laconia’s built-in adapters. For example when creating an API endpoint, users are unable to create PUT or PATCH endpoint with the built-in adapters as we only support the inputType of body or params at the moment i.e. PUT might require body and params.

The current adapter for params is also forcing an object to be passed as an input, and sometimes destructuring just a single parameter feels quite unnatural. For example if a user is trying to get id path parameter, it will look like:

const app = ({ id }) => {}

Sometimes I’d like to have complete control over the signature of my app, and if I would like my signature like the following, I won’t be able to use the current built-in adapter:

const app = (id) => {}

In Java world, this can be solved by using annotation, which may look like the following.

const app = (@PathVariable('id') id, @Body automaticallyParsedHttpBody, @PathVariable('foo') foo) => {}

As this is unsupported in JavaScript, how can we allow users to do this? Thoughts?

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ceilforscommented, Jun 25, 2020

@all-contributors please add @hugosenari for design

hugosenaricommented, Jun 17, 2020
const apigateway = adapterApi.apigateway({
  mapping: (parsedRequest) => [, parsedRequest.body]

Looks good to me, only problem is with ‘mapping’, term is to broad.


  • event
  • input
  • subject


  • mapping
  • transformer
  • adapter
  • functor
  • factory
  • interpreter
  • mediator


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