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Disable coloring doesn't work?

See original GitHub issue

Hello, i tried disabling coloring wiith config file:

$ cat ~/.pdir2config
uniform-color = bright white

but pdir still prints color characters in xonsh eg, when I run pdir(__xonsh__.history) lines look like:

    ?[1;37mall_items?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mReturns all history as found in XONSH_DATA_DIR.?[0m
    ?[1;37mappend?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mAppends command to history.?[0m
    ?[1;37mclear?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mClears the current session's history from both memory and disk.?[0m
    ?[1;37mflush?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mFlushes the current command buffer to disk.?[0m
    ?[1;37minfo?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mA collection of information about the shell history.?[0m
    ?[1;37mitems?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mDisplay history items of current session.?[0m
    ?[1;37mrun_gc?[0m?[1;37m: ?[0m?[1;37mRun the garbage collector.?[0m

How to get rid of these characters? Either disable coloring or make them work for xonsh.

  • pdir2 v0.3.5
  • xonsh v0.11.0 and latest v0.12.2

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

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laike9mcommented, Jul 3, 2022

In 0.3.6 you can disable color, see

Let me know if you encounter any issues.

laike9mcommented, Jul 1, 2022

I’ll cut a new release this weekend

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