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[JOSS] Report (and improve) test coverage

See original GitHub issue

Running python -m pytest tests/ --cov=cellpylib (with pytest-cov package installed) currently yields the following coverage report:

---------- coverage: platform darwin, python 3.9.6-final-0 -----------
Name                          Stmts   Miss  Cover
cellpylib/             9      0   100%
cellpylib/                17      1    94%
cellpylib/                45      0   100%
cellpylib/       133     17    87%
cellpylib/     119     69    42%
cellpylib/          27      0   100%
cellpylib/             35      1    97%
cellpylib/        28      0   100%
cellpylib/      121    116     4%
cellpylib/         74      6    92%
TOTAL                           608    210    65%

Wide parts of the library seem to be well-covered and most of the missing statements come from the (rather complicated) langtons_loop module. However, I would expect a higher test coverage in the two ca_functions modules, given that they are the core part of the library.

@lantunes Have you checked which of the statements are currently untested and would you consider expanding the corresponding tests to cover wider parts of the core library?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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lantunescommented, Sep 28, 2021

I have opened a draft PR here:

lantunescommented, Oct 10, 2021

For reference, the relevant commits are 6fe535171dc5d587b7b90cd1503f3bb64ce0ff78 and 8a950ba832b22d62c632abc2ce3b5b192c1e3dfb.

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