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Cloud emulation provider

See original GitHub issue

As suggested by @mebibou, the following quotes from #42 directly -

Also, I don’t know if you know ripple-emulator, but it allows you to run your app like an Android or iPhone app with some Cordova features (or writing your own bridges if you need more). Here’s my full protractor.conf.js to give you an idea:

exports.config = {
  seleniumAddress: 'http://localhost:4444/wd/hub',
  seleniumPort: 4444,
  chromeDriver: '../node_modules/protractor/selenium/chromedriver',
  directConnect: true,
  framework: 'jasmine2',
  baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8100',
  capabilities: {
    browserName: 'chrome',
    chromeOptions: {
      args: ['--disable-web-security']
  specs: [
  jasmineNodeOpts: {
    showColors: true,
    defaultTimeoutInterval: 30 * 1000,
    isVerbose: true
  onPrepare: function() {
    // Use ripple emulator to run the tests
    var url = 'http://localhost:4400/?enableripple=cordova-3.0.0-' + browser.params.device;
    browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;
    // Allow ripple to load
    browser.driver.wait(function() {
      return browser.driver.getCurrentUrl().then(function(actualUrl) {
        return url == actualUrl;
    }, 10000, 'url hasnt changed');
    browser.driver.wait(function() {
      return element('document')).isPresent();
    }, 10000, 'ripple not loaded');

Although this used to be working before, since I updated to ionic2-beta.3 it doesn’t work anymore 😞 (ripple doesn’t want to load anymore I don’t know why)

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murraybauercommented, Mar 4, 2017

@lathonez I thought ripple was dead? Only emulates very few native plugins e.g. geo location.

Microsoft announced their own open source cordova simulator 6-9 months ago to replace it:

mebiboucommented, Nov 15, 2016

FYI, I am using this piece of code for google login, which you can easily adapt for facebook:

function _checkPresenceOf(selector) {
  return browser.wait(function() {
    return browser.isElementPresent($(selector));
  }, 5000, selector + ' not present');

var handles = null;
  .then(function(_handles_) {
    handles = _handles_;
  .then(function() {
    return browser.switchTo().window(handles[1]);
  .then(function() {
    return _checkPresenceOf('#Email');
  .then(function() {
    return $('#next').click();
  .then(function() {
    return browser.driver.sleep(500);
  .then(function() {
    return _checkPresenceOf('#Passwd');
  .then(function() {
    return $('#signIn').click();
  .then(function() {
    return browser.switchTo().window(handles[0]);
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