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Program does not terminate

See original GitHub issue

I’ve tried using the code from the readme. The message does appear in my AWS CloudWatch console, but the program does not terminate. I am using nodejs 6.2.1.

const config = require('./config.json')
const winston = require('winston')
const WinstonCloudWatch = require('winston-cloudwatch')
const moment = require('moment')

winston.add(WinstonCloudWatch, {
  logGroupName: config.cloudWatchLogGroup,
  logStreamName: config.cloudWatchStream,
  awsRegion: config.region
});'this is a message sent at ' + moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD-hhmm') + ' from winston-cloudwatch.js');

Thanks for any assistance.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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yonahforstcommented, Nov 23, 2016

@lazywithclass - this looks great! btw i just got kthxbye hahhahaha - perfect

lazywithclasscommented, Nov 23, 2016

@yonahforst haha 😄 Ok, I will have a look at the other method. More on that later on.

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