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Handle full observability

See original GitHub issue

Hi Lucas!

If we use the FullyObsWrapper on a Minigrid environment then the format of observation_space will go from Dict(image:Box(7, 7, 3)) to Box(19, 19, 3). (19 is an example)

In utils/ the get_preprocessor function first tries if re.match("MiniGrid-.*", env_id) and assumes that every MiniGrid environment will be partially observable and won’t be able to handle a fully observable minigrid environment.

We could just change the order of the if … and elif … to make it work, but I am not sure this would be optimal, this is why I prefer opening an issue.

Thanks 😃

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
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leobixcommented, Apr 23, 2019

Indeed, with the FullyObsWrapper you don’t have the instruction nor the mission anymore in the observation, just the observation tensor.

lcswillemscommented, Apr 24, 2019

Thank you Maxime!

It is fixed now.

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