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Consumer offsets not displaying (missing partitions)

See original GitHub issue

Kafka 0.10.0 on Ubuntu 14.04.04 LTS Trifecta 0.20.0

Using kafka-python client I consume a topic with 9 partitions and then view in Trifecta > Inspect > Consumers > {topic} > {group} and it only displays offsets for a portion of the partitions. I expect to see all partitions.

screen shot 2016-07-01 at 3 01 18 pm

Using the CLI tool I perform the following and it confirms they were all consumed and no lag:

ubuntu@db1:~$ kafka-consumer-offset-checker --group etl-diffs --topic rets.nnrmls.Agent --zookeeper localhost:2181

Group           Topic                          Pid Offset          logSize         Lag             Owner
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              0   3175            3175            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              1   3691            3691            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              2   3352            3352            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              3   3432            3432            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              4   3111            3111            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              5   2856            2856            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              6   3247            3247            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              7   3690            3690            0               none
etl-diffs       rets.nnrmls.Agent              8   3072            3072            0               none

I upgraded to latest 0.21 and same issue it appears.

screen shot 2016-07-01 at 3 17 39 pm

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ldaniels528commented, Jul 3, 2016

I’ll take a look, and get it fixed. 😃

likesh1980commented, Jan 31, 2018

I agree, the same happening for me as well. It seems like when I have a broker 0.10.1.x, it works fine, but when I have a broker 0.10.0.x, I can not view the messages. I will try with a different version and see if this helps.

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