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Inquiry: SNB Basic + SNB Composite Merge Foreign?

See original GitHub issue

Hi again 😄

In an experiment to support our database’s multi-model functionality, we are trying to include the edges generated from the SNB Basic dataset, with the files generated from the SNB CompositeMergeForeign dataset.

~We are getting inconsistent results~, and wondered if there is any consideration of supporting this with the datagen, or if by any chance this is already possible?

For example, we want a data model where both the post_hasCreator_person relationship and creator attribute in the Post document exist.

Happy to move this conversation to the datagen repo if that makes more sense

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szarnyasgcommented, Jun 21, 2022

@aMahanna I transferred the issue to the (new, Spark-based) Datagen’s repository. I skimmed your suggestion and it seems doable in Datagen albeit it will not have a high priority in our development plans.

This week I’m travelling/have other duties – I will take a look next week.

aMahannacommented, Jun 21, 2022

Hi Gabor,

We’ve been evaluating the various SNB datasets available in attempt to support our database’s multi-model functionality.

We found that using a combination of the Basic & MergeForeign datasets substantially increases our query performance and better suits our data model. Our request would be to have the datagen natively support the data model outlined below, or suggest a way to do so if it already exists. As it stands now, modelling the data in this way requires a lot of pre/post processing (as suggested above), which we believe will count against us if we were to have the benchmark audited.

In particular, we have situations where a query benefits from the Basic dataset (IC8), a query that benefits from the MergeForeign dataset (IC3 Sub-Query A), and another query that benefits from a combination of both (IC3 Sub-Query B).


Understanding that you may not be familiar with AQL (Arango Query Language), this query relies on the edge relationships only available in the Basic dataset (e.g post_hasCreator_person, comment_hasCreator_person, etc.).

FOR commentReply IN 2..2 INBOUND @personId post_hasCreator_person, comment_hasCreator_person, comment_replyOf_post, comment_replyOf_comment
    SORT commentReply.creationDate DESC, commentReply._id
    LIMIT 20
    FOR creator IN 1..1 OUTBOUND commentReply comment_hasCreator_person
        RETURN {
            id: creator._id,
            firstName: creator.firstName,
            lastName: creator.lastName,
            commentId: commentReply._id,
            commentCreationDate: commentReply.creationDate,
            commentContent: commentReply.content

The alternative approach is to solely rely on the MergeForeign attributes (i.e creator, replyOfPost, replyOfComment). Seeing that none of the edge relationships mentioned above are included in MergeForeign, switching to these attributes would result in a query performance that is 6x slower than the current implementation. On the other hand, sticking to a Basic-only data model poses its own challenges, as seen below.


We’ve noticed peak performance in IC3 when a combination of Basic SNB edge relationships & MergeForeign SNB attributes are used within the same query.

IC3 Sub-Query A

A portion of IC3 relies on the MergeForeign attribute for efficient query performance.

FOR friend IN 1..2 ANY @personId person_knows_person OPTIONS {bfs: true, uniqueVertices:"global"}
    FILTER NOT IN [countryXKey, countryYKey]
    RETURN {id:, place:}

Attempting to do this using the Basic SNB person_isLocatedIn_place edge relationship results in a query performance that is 70x slower.

IC3 Sub-Query B

Another portion of IC3 relies on the and the MergeForeign attributes, while also benefitting from the post_hasCreator_person and comment_hasCreator_person relationships (found only in the Basic SNB dataset).

FOR message IN 1..1 INBOUND friend post_hasCreator_person,comment_hasCreator_person
    FILTER IN [countryXKey, countryYKey]
    RETURN message

Attempting to do this using the Basic SNB post_isLocatedIn_place & comment_isLocatedIn_place edge relationships results in a query performance that is 30x slower.


As far as we can tell, the current datagen utility doesn’t support this, and so we feel that this leaves out the multi-model graph capabilities offered by our database. We are not looking to manipulate the data in a way that specifically favours us, but instead looking for the LDBC datagen to better support the functionality of multi-model graph databases.

Would it be possible to have the datagen support this data model out of the box (assuming it doesn’t already)?

Read more comments on GitHub >

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