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Add TLS/STARTTLS support

See original GitHub issue

Hi, first of all: Thanks for this incredible service. I really love it! ❤️

Unfortunately, I noticed that the main instance, (thanks for hosting) does not support STARTTLS, which is a no-go IMO. The used smtp-server library has support for it, but you disable it.

Enabling support seems to be relatively easy: First, do not disable the STARTTLS command. Second, set up key, cert and eventually ca parameters to point to the certificate you already have for HTTPS.

Congrats, you have enabled encryption! 🎊

Additionally, if you are already at it, check recommendations from

  • Add a DANE record pinning the Let’s Encrypt CA certificates. Pinning the two CA certificates makes the TLSA records safe for the next decades. You just have to stick to Let’s Encrypt. They should be:
    # ISRG Root X1	10800	IN	TLSA	2 1 1 0b9fa5a59eed715c26c1020c711b4f6ec42d58b0015e14337a39dad301c5afc3
    # ISRG Root X2	10800	IN	TLSA	2 1 1 762195c225586ee6c0237456e2107dc54f1efc21f61a792ebd515913cce68332
    You already have the required DNSSEC on the domain. You can use this test page if you have deployed it.
  • Add IPv6 support to the mail server. It’s 2022, IPv6 should be supported by default. And as you only receive mails, you should not fear deliverability problems.
  • Avoid misuse of your domain for spam. Also see this Cloudflare article.
    • Add a SPF record. If you never send email from your domain, just set	10800	IN	TXT	"v=spf1 -all"
      Alternatively v=spf1 mx -all to allow the mail server to send mail.
    • Eventually add a null DKIM record as described by the Cloudflare article. Cloudflare wants to set the wildcard record *, check if your DNS provider supports wildcard records.
    • Add a DMARC record rejecting mail for failing SPF/DKIM checks	10800	IN	TXT	"v=DMARC1; p=reject;"

You can also consult for great email server reports.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

leafaccommented, Sep 25, 2022

Fair enough. Thanks for investigating. I’ll update some things about Kill the Newsletter! in the near future and include the STARTTLS in the process.

Mynacolcommented, Oct 13, 2022

Just a quick reminder from my side

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