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stopOnHover not working correctly?

See original GitHub issue

Been troubleshooting the use of stopOnHover within my solution. First time I’ve decided to setup the use of autoPlay within the Carousel. Upon setting autoPlay, when I hover over the component, the autoPlay is not being stopped. stopOnHover by default is set to true and I also manually added the property to the component.

After some digging, the carouselWrapper value is undefined below so the addEventListeners are not being properly added within the setupAutoPlay.

key: 'setupAutoPlay',
      value: function setupAutoPlay() {
          var carouselWrapper = this.refs['carouselWrapper'];

          if (this.props.stopOnHover && carouselWrapper) {
              carouselWrapper.addEventListener('mouseenter', this.stopOnHover);
              carouselWrapper.addEventListener('mouseleave', this.startOnLeave);

Not quite sure why this is happening, even setting everything back to 100% default without my customizations to the CSS is still not working.

Any thoughts or something silly I’m completely forgetting…?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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Cyan005commented, Feb 20, 2018

And… switching from using the state object to passing in as a prop resolves this issue. I can get away with using this scenario for what I need. However, if anyone in the future needed to use the state to follow this same pattern, this issue may pop back up again.

Updating from this.state.newsBannerItems to this.props.newsBannerItems resolves this.


<Carousel showArrows={true} showThumbs={true} showStatus={false} interval={1000} autoPlay={true} infiniteLoop={true}>  
        { , key) => {
            return (  
              <div className='newsBannerItem' key={key}><img src={item.BannerImage.Url} />
                <p className='legend'>{item.Title}... <a href={this.buildNewsLink(item)}>Read More</a></p>
thewashingtonhuacommented, Mar 20, 2018

I’m experiencing same problem here. My work around still uses this.state.newsBannerItems. but put an empty <div> as placeholder if its length is 0.

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