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How to validate fields of @GraphQLArgument ?

See original GitHub issue


This is fantastic library but is not well documented…

I’d like ot know if it possible to validate fields af a type used as GrapQLArgument…

I have the service AuthService with the method

@GraphQLMutation(name = "create")
    public User createUser(@GraphQLArgument(name = "userRequest") UserRequest userRequest) throws ServiceException {
        User user = new User();
        user = mapUser(user, userRequest);

Then the Class UserRequest

public class UserRequest {

    @GraphQLQuery(name = "name")
    @NotEmpty(groups = CreateChecks.class)
    private String name;

    @GraphQLQuery(name = "surname")
    @NotEmpty(groups = CreateChecks.class)
    private String surname;

I sent the JSON

  "query": "mutation ($userRequest : UserRequestInput!) { create(userRequest: $userRequest) { name } } ",
  "params": {
  	"userRequest" : 
    	{ "name" : "Name" } 

I’d like that if change

    @GraphQLQuery(name = "surname")
    @NotEmpty(groups = CreateChecks.class)
    private String surname;

Then the method createUser was not called as the suname is missing and returns an error… Is it possible do something like that ?? How ?? I miss documentation on this things

Is it possibkle to create validationGroups as in REST with GraphQL ??

Thank you!

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JohannesFluegelcommented, Dec 3, 2018

If you use Spring Framework, you can write:

public class MyEntity {
  @GraphQLQuery(description = "The description")
  private String myField
public class MyService {
  @GraphQLMutation(name = "createEntity")
  public MyEntity createEntity(@GraphQLArgument(name = "entity") 
    @Valid MyEntity entity) {

If you try to create the entity with

mutation {
  createEntity(entity: {
    myField: ""
  }) {

you will get an error message like

  "data": {
    "createEntity": null
  "errors": [
      "message": "Exception while fetching data (/createEntity) : 
         createEntity.entity.myField: may not be empty",
ferguardiolacommented, Jun 22, 2018

Yes it works!

Install a ValidationModule in GUICE, then annotated the services with @ValidateOnExecution and you can use any validation on methods (including validation groups, custom validation, etc…)

public class AuthServiceImpl implements AuthService {
   public User createUser(@GraphQLArgument(name = "userRequest") @Valid UserRequest userRequest) 
   throws ServiceException {

public class UserRequest {

    @NotBlank(groups = CreateChecks.class, message = "Name must be not empty")
    private String name;

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