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Unable to upgrade to `Spring Boot` version `2.7.x`

See original GitHub issue

Would it be possible to get a new release some time this year? Currently I’m unable to upgrade to Spring Boot version 2.7.x 😬

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michael-simonscommented, Nov 29, 2022

I see the following issues

  • The GraphQL library that is referenced by Boot 2.7 is newer than the one supported with the current product. To align both, you’ll have to bump the spqr.version first
  • There are some deprecation warnings, that are easily fixed as far as I can tell

A necessary change is to adapt how the auto configuration is loaded. Spring Boot 2.7 supports the old way (with spring.factories) and the new way (with org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.AutoConfiguration.imports plus using now @AutoConfiguration, with the latter not allowing to proxy @Bean methods anymore, but you are doing that anyway).

I’ll send a PR in a sec addressing these things. Feel free to edit whatever you want, especially my changes unrelated to auto config (I don’t have a clue honestly how the SPQR / GraphQL system works, I’m just here with my dear colleague @SaschaPeukert). The remaining changes to auto config are sane and will allow proper usage in at least Boot 2.7 and most likely with Boot 3 (given that the GraphQL version is compatible).

kaqqaocommented, Nov 28, 2022

With GraphQL SPQR v0.12.0 out the door, I will have a look at the state of this project. But, fair warning, there’s a good chance that maintaining it in the current shape in light of the official starter is nonsensical. The easiest way forward may be to build a smaller extension on top of the official starter. But that’s currently just a theory. Either way, it will take time to explore the options and see what to do,

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