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Breaks with `from __future__ import annotations`

See original GitHub issue

When using from __future__ import annotations at the top of any of the examples, SimpleParsing crashes with:

  File "/Users/jrueegg/miniconda/envs/shrek/lib/python3.7/site-packages/simple_parsing/", line 221, in _preprocessing
  File "/Users/jrueegg/miniconda/envs/shrek/lib/python3.7/site-packages/simple_parsing/wrappers/", line 103, in add_arguments
    group.add_argument(*wrapped_field.option_strings, **wrapped_field.arg_options)
  File "/Users/jrueegg/miniconda/envs/shrek/lib/python3.7/", line 1364, in add_argument
    raise ValueError('%r is not callable' % (type_func,))
ValueError: 'str' is not callable

I guess you’re missing a typing.get_type_hints() somewhere in the code…

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lebricecommented, Jun 27, 2021

Good point! I think the codebase currently heavily depends on the annotations being evaluated (e.g. on the type attribute of the dataclasess.Field objects to be a ‘live’ type (<class str> and not just "str")) so using this postponed evaluation option (which I’ll admit I’m not yet familiar with) might break a few things… I’ll try and give this a go and I’ll get back to you.

lebricecommented, Oct 20, 2022

Solved by #111

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