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debugging/inspecting in SSR server_dev.js

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Hey Lee, I’m looking to debug the server_dev.js process in the node-inspector. In server_dev.js, the childProcess.fork seems the place to put a debug signal. but it doesn’t work. Have you managed to debug a node process that webpack keeps killing and re-spawning?

class ServerDevPlugin {
  apply(compiler) {
    compiler.plugin('done', () => {
      if (this.server) this.server.kill();
      this.server = childProcess.fork(path.resolve(PATHS.dist, 'server_dev.js'), {
        cwd: PATHS.dist,

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  • Created 6 years ago
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leebensoncommented, Jul 30, 2017

--inspect switch released in

Added to CLI

Upgrade with npm i -g reactql

leebensoncommented, Jul 30, 2017

@lawwantsin - the point of Webpack on the server is not having to make special provisions for your code; it’s implicitly isomorphic.

You can write import someImage from 'src/image.png' or import css from './someSassFile.scss' and know that it’ll work perfectly everywhere – without worrying about server-side file hashing, Zopfli/Brotli compression, considering how CSS classes might match up, etc.

In fact, it’s the reason you can import anything at all.

Taking Webpack out of the equation on the server pushes those considerations into userland - and they’re generally not easy problems to solve.

Of course, you don’t need to use Webpack. You could write your code using require(), avoid importing files relative to the project root, avoid treating images or CSS like local JS code, and handle your own build process via gulpfiles or similar.

But the aim of ReactQL is to avoid complexity, and keep the browser and server (for the most part!) singing from the same sheet without worrying about that stuff.

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