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Time format depending on the locale (bcp47)

See original GitHub issue

Hi, How to display time in locale specific format (bcp47 language tag)?

const event=new Date();
const options={timeZone:'UTC',year:'numeric',month:'numeric',day:'numeric',hour:'numeric',minute:'numeric',second:'numeric'};

console.log(event.toLocaleDateString('ko-KR', options)); // → "2021. 3. 20. 오후 3:40:17"
console.log(event.toLocaleDateString('en-GB', options)); // → "20/03/2021, 15:40:17"
console.log(event.toLocaleDateString('en-US', options)); // → "3/20/2021, 3:40:17 PM"
console.log(event.toLocaleDateString('de-DE', options)); // → "20.3.2021, 15:40:17"
console.log(event.toLocaleDateString('ru-RU', options)); // → "20.03.2021, 15:40:17"


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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Christian-Sandercommented, Oct 11, 2021

I think this might be more or less what you’re looking for, please correct me if you mean something else.

It would require to exchange the formatting function (fmtDate?) with Intl.DateTimeFormat().format() and add new lines and colons where needed manually. I think this should not be a problem because these are inserted at defined places?

Also it would be good if it was possible to switch between automatic locale and manually set locale so the user can switch the language if needed.

denyaaltcommented, Mar 24, 2021

Ok, when I have the result, I’ll post it here.

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