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x-axis time stamps configuration

See original GitHub issue

@leeoniya do you mind explaining what is the 3rd column in the values array when customizing time formatting as described here ?

values: [
  [3600 * 24 * 365,    "{YYYY}",               7,   "{YYYY}"                    ],
  [3600 * 24 * 28,     "{MMM}",                7,   "{MMM}\n{YYYY}"             ],
  [3600 * 24,          "{M}/{D}",              7,   "{M}/{D}\n{YYYY}"           ],
  [3600,               "{h}{aa}",              4,   "{h}{aa}\n{M}/{D}"          ],
  [60,                 "{h}:{mm}{aa}",         4,   "{h}:{mm}{aa}\n{M}/{D}"     ],
  [1,                  "{h}:{mm}:{ss}{aa}",    4,   "{h}:{mm}:{ss}{aa}\n{M}/{D}"],

Also - what is the relation between values and the _timeAxisStamps?

I went through the code but there’s plenty to digest there 😃

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  • Created 3 years ago
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leeoniyacommented, Sep 16, 2020

1.2.0 is published.

leeoniyacommented, Sep 15, 2020

the formatter goes through a selection process based on the axis splits spacing. this s line will get selected when the split spacing is >= 1s but less than the line above it (1min). that’s what [0] is.

next, it will go through a selection process of whether to render the default tick format [1] or a more detailed rollover tick format [2]-[7] which will get appended (due to [8]) to the default tick format.

the first tick on the axis will always be a rollover tick because there’s no prior context. the rest will track rollovers and modify which format to use dynamically based on what rolls over (year, month, day, etc…).

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