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Option to automatically handle conditional jumps that are actually unconditional

See original GitHub issue

CFR decompiles senseless ifs like iconst_0 iconst_0 if_icmpne L5 to

 if (0 == 0) {
            //this always happens

Please add an option to automatically handle unnecessary if instructions (interpret them as goto, or not). This makes (poorly) obfuscated code easier to read without changing the instructions.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:8 (7 by maintainers)

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leibnitz27commented, May 9, 2020

I’m actually ok with removing entirely trivial tautologies/oxymorons which don’t require program analysis - so, for example, I’m DEFINITELY not ok with

a = 1
if (a < 2) {

Even though it’s entirely obvious. (I should note, I do perform some limited program analysis, because without it Kotlin generates absolute junk sometimes - so following a conditional chain with literals is sometimes necessary).

however, if (explicit literal integer condition involving no variables) seems like a reasonable thing to handle in a “heavy” fallback pass, i.e. it’s all gone completely wrong, so let’s have a go at removing impossible code in case it’s making something look like a loop when it isn’t. (at this point it’s usually all about trying to de-spaghettify code)

leibnitz27commented, May 9, 2020

(should mention --removedeadconditionals true required, unless it’s triggered in a recovery pass.)

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