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pylintrc is not being respected

See original GitHub issue

Step 1: Are you in the right place?

  • I have verified there are no duplicate active or recent bugs, questions, or requests
  • I have verified that I am using the latest version of the plugin.

Step 2: Describe your environment

  • Plugin version: 0.11.0
  • PyCharm/IDEA version: 2019.1.3
  • Pylint version: 2.3.1

Step 3: Describe the problem:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a .pylintrc file in an arbitrary location. I used the project’s root directory.
  2. Select the file in the plugin’s config screen under “Path to pylintrc”.
  3. Run a scan using the “Scan project” button.

Observed Results:

The scan executes as if no .pylintrc file was provided.

Expected Results:

The scan should respect the configuration from .pylintrc

Relevant Code:

project tree:


.pylintrc file:


Plugin settings:


Executing pylint from terminal, .pylintrc is respected:

$ pylint project --rcfile="D:\Python Projects\pylint_plugin_test\.pylintrc"      
************* Module file_to_scan                                                                              
project\ C0304: Final newline missing (missing-final-newline)                              
project\ C0326: Exactly one space required around assignment                               
 ^ (bad-whitespace)                                                                                            
project\ C0111: Missing module docstring (missing-docstring)                               
project\ C0103: Constant name "a" doesn't conform to UPPER_CASE naming style (invalid-name)
Your code has been rated at -30.00/10 (previous run: -30.00/10, +0.00)

However, when executing a scan from Pycharm both files are scanned.


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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:7
  • Comments:13

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

pdemarticommented, Feb 10, 2021

FWIW, I figured out a way that seems to work for me:

In the settings of the plugin, there is an “Arguments” option. Use --rcfile /absolute/path/to/pylintrc and now pylintrc is respected.

rhjdjongcommented, May 19, 2020

Just ran into the same problem. How about looking into this, instead of having the bot automatically mark it as stale after two months?

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