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receiving with interrupt callback not working

See original GitHub issue


I have set the dio_0 pin number in and changed the code in examples/ as following:

def receive(lora):
    print('LoRa Receiver Callback')
    def cb(payload):

But it didn’t work - couldn’t receive any data. It only worked with while True loop as shown in the original example.

Did I miss something? Pls help!

It’s an AI-Thinker Ra-02 LoRa module with ESP32. The MicroPython firmware is V1.13 stable.

I used the sx127x driver in the master branch, and the readme title is uPyLora.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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dukeduck1984commented, May 4, 2021

You need to change the if statement inside the handle_on_receive to: if irq_flags & IRQ_RX_DONE_MASK == IRQ_RX_DONE_MASK:, then it will work.

So it should look like:

            if irq_flags & IRQ_RX_DONE_MASK == IRQ_RX_DONE_MASK:
                if self._on_receive_cb:
                    print('msg coming in')
                    payload = self.read_payload()
dukeduck1984commented, Sep 28, 2021

Hi @Bujtar ,

As Peter pointed out in his post, you can use ThreadSafeFlag, as per the example shown here.

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