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Cassandra Sink Connector - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InstantiationError: com.typesafe.scalalogging.Logger

See original GitHub issue


I downloaded Cassandra Sink Connector from:

And added to Kafka “libs/” folder, and then when i try to launch the kafka server: ./ ../config/

I am getting this error message:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InstantiationError: com.typesafe.scalalogging.Logger
	at com.typesafe.scalalogging.Logger$.apply(Logger.scala:48)
	at kafka.utils.Log4jControllerRegistration$.<init>(Logging.scala:25)
	at kafka.utils.Log4jControllerRegistration$.<clinit>(Logging.scala)
	at kafka.utils.Logging.$init$(Logging.scala:47)
	at kafka.Kafka$.<init>(Kafka.scala:30)
	at kafka.Kafka$.<clinit>(Kafka.scala)
	at kafka.Kafka.main(Kafka.scala)

Is there a way to solve this error please ?


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stheppicommented, Oct 13, 2019

I will re-share with you the docs for installing the connection (It has nothing to do with vanilla kafka or not):

The docs tell you where to copy the jar and they give you the example of running Connect in distributed mode. To configure the worker it points to etc/schema-registry/ Kafka connect standlone needs a configuration file as well, which I assume you already pass because otherwise it just does not start. Here is the docs for running Connect with the Cassandra Sink enabled:

Install and configure a Kafka Connect cluster
1.Create a folder on each server called plugins/lib
2.Copy into the above folder the required connector jars from the stream reactor download
3. Edit in the etc/schema-registry folder and uncomment the plugin.path option. Set it to the root directory i.e. plugins you deployed the stream reactor connector jars in step 2.
4.Start Connect, bin/connect-distributed etc/schema-registry/

Also, maybe you missed my earlier message, but let me repeat it again:

 do not to copy the jar into the `libs/` folder. That is the folder which contains all the Kafka broker Jar artefacts. A connector can easily overwrite some files.

Use the plugins/lib or any other folder on your machine. The set the plugin.path in your Kafka connect standalone properties file.

KabDevelopercommented, Oct 14, 2019

@stheppi You hadn’t to bother yourself to past again the same messages.

It seem that there misunderstanding related to my question but it doesn’t matter, I just found about another customizable option …

Thanks for your time.

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