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placeholder's dont work (need to use variable to bind)

See original GitHub issue

Using angular 1.5.1 and latest version of angular-chosen

tried defining the chosen select as so:

    ng-options=' for school in pageData.schools'
    data-placeholder="Pick one of these"

And the placeholder is not set to “Pick one of these”. I’ve also tried using placeholder-text-single and placeholder attributes and they also do not work (placeholder-text-single actually gives an error).

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  • State:closed
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

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stringbeanscommented, Mar 18, 2016

@leocaseiro thanks for the speedy response! i looked at your plunkr and noticed that i’m setting the attribute wrong. instead of placeholder-text-single='hello there' it should be placeholder-text-single="'hello there'"

this was not reflected in the documentation and is possibly why i was confused. if you’re up for it i can do a pull request on your docs to update this.

btw, we are also a techstars company, so hi!

leocaseirocommented, Mar 18, 2016

Yeah! This because those string attributes emulating a scope type ‘@’ With that said, you could have a variable to bind on your placeholder:

$scope.customPlaceholder: 'My message';
<select chosen placeholder-text-single="customPlaceholder">...</select>

PR are always welcome. We use slate on docs branch.

Send me a PR there. That would be nice refer the egghead link.

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