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Commandline arguments?

See original GitHub issue

I desperately miss command line parameters, so that I do not have to click all those buttons on the start-up dialog. I would be happy to make a PR, but would like to coordinate with you first, so that my efforts are not wasted.

What do you thing? Would that be something you might accept?

My idea would be to tap into the run() function in ryven/main/ In a first step I could think of implementing arguments for both the window and the flow theme, to enable debugging to the terminal and of all the three buttons in the start-up screen (“Create new project”, “Load project” or “Load example”) …

Further steps could include:

  • Importing nodes (I would love to have this!)
  • Set performance mode
  • Set animations
  • En/disable info messages

IMHO this would also be a good place to read an configuration file (do you have any preferences regarding the format?)

Does that sound sensible to you?

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sphhcommented, Feb 28, 2022
  1. Backward compatibility […]

Yes, I want to keep the qt_app and gui_parent arguments as they are at the moment. My idea was that all other arguments are compatible between run()'s keyword arguments, argparse command line arguments and a configuration file; that means they have the same names in all three appearances.

  1. This was a deliberate choice […]

Fair enough. That’s why I have asked.

  1. I would prefer sticking to NodePackage objects […]

Fair enough!

sphhcommented, Feb 28, 2022

Oh, please go ahead!


I suggest argparse.

That was my idea, too.

Absolutely, I do not have strong preferences, you probably know better than I do (otherwise, YAML is nice because it is obvious and allows comments).

IMHO YAML is always a choice I like. But it would pull in another dependency. But I have another idea, let’s see if it works …

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