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How to map a child item when creating a parent item? (not a bug more a question)

See original GitHub issue

Is it even possible like this?

TestDbContext db = await TestDbContext.CreateAsync();

Role role = new Role() { Name = "Test" };
await db.SaveChangesAsync();

// Create user and assign existing role
User user = new() { Name = "Example" };

await db.MapAsync<User>(user);

await db.SaveChangesAsync();

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  • Created 2 years ago
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leonardoporrocommented, Nov 13, 2021

So, the mapper works with two concepts, the DTO and the Entity which may be the same type, or not.

For example:

  • User to User map / dto: User and entity: User.
  • UserDTO to User map / dto: UserDTO and entity User.

Mapper then will:

  • Load root Entity along with [Compositon] children recursively and only the Id of [Aggregation] children (the graph).
  • Start traversing the graph and copying the properties. For [Aggregation]
  • Copy only the Id
  • Mark the Entity as Unchanged.
  • Do not recurse! Aggregations end here. For [Composition]
  • If DTO exists and Entity doesn’t, mark as Added
  • If DTO doesn’t exist and Entity does, mark as Deleted
  • If both exists, mark as Modified.
  • Continue recursively with the rest of the Complex or Collection properties.

[Aggregation] are supossed to be independent entities/graphs that the entity is referring to. And shouldn’t be added/deleted along with it. e.g.: Invoice -> InvoiceType That’s why only Id is mapped for aggregations and is marked as Unmodified. If the aggregated entity doesn’t exists, an fk error is thrown when saving.

[Composition] are entities that form part of the same concept and should be updated/deleted with the root entity. e.g.: Invoice -> InvoiceDetail.

Another interesting thing. Given the previous DTO and Entity definitions, values are always copied, even when they are the same type. The User that you passed to the MapAsync method is not the same that gets attached to the context. The attached one comes from the initial query or is instantiated by the mapper, and it’s returned by the MapAsync method. var attachedUser = await db.MapAsync<User>(detachedUser); In this example, attached and detached users are not the same instance.

In this your case, MapAsync will:

  • Load the root, but the key is empty so it will create a new User.
  • Copy Id, Name, DoB and other simple values
  • Recursively iterate Roles
  • There will be 1 role DTO and 0 role Entities, so it will create a Role and since it is an [Aggregation] it will copy the Id and mark it as Unmodified.

This is a very high level description, as there much more, like circle dependencies (BackReference in the code), type configuration, mapping configuration, the dynamic code, etc.

Feel free to ask on a certain topic if you are interested on it.

MaRRiK74commented, Nov 13, 2021

Ah the return value, thanks for pointing that out! With that I can work something out. Many thanks again.

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