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0.8.4 vs 2.0.0a4 performance

See original GitHub issue

Congrats @lepture for this project! (I’m doing a benchmark of many Markdown to HTML libraries, and mistune seems to be the best!)

I used timeit with the same Markdown document, and:

  • version 0.8.4: mistune.markdown(s) took 4ms on average
  • version 2.0.0a4: mistune.markdown(s) took 13ms on average (for the same document)

What could be the reason of 2.0.0a4 be 3x slower than version 0.8.4?

Can I use 0.8.4 for my current project, is it still stable?

s = 'my_sample_document'
import timeit
print(timeit.timeit("markdown(s)", setup="from mistune import markdown;from __main__ import s", number=100)/100)

PS: I also found this article, it’s linked to this topic:

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josephernestcommented, May 6, 2020

@viniciusban Thanks for these suggestions. I’ll probably try these later; for now ~25ms with mistune 0.8.4 is fine, I think I’ll just keep using this version and it’s perfect.

lepturecommented, Jul 14, 2022

Here is our benchmark for v3 on my Macbook. Please check v3 branch code.

mistune (3.0.0a3) - axt: 52.11806297302246ms
mistune (slow) - axt: 51.74398422241211ms
mistune (fast) - axt: 55.53317070007324ms
mistune (full) - axt: 60.16802787780762ms
mistune (0.8.4) - axt: 61.09118461608887ms
markdown (3.3.7) - axt: 190.69504737854004ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - axt: 96.36688232421875ms
markdown_it - axt: 161.29398345947266ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - setext: 36.865234375ms
mistune (slow) - setext: 34.182071685791016ms
mistune (fast) - setext: 34.09314155578613ms
mistune (full) - setext: 39.25585746765137ms
mistune (0.8.4) - setext: 33.128976821899414ms
markdown (3.3.7) - setext: 119.94290351867676ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - setext: 81.09426498413086ms
markdown_it - setext: 101.91178321838379ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - normal_ul: 232.5129508972168ms
mistune (slow) - normal_ul: 242.85101890563965ms
mistune (fast) - normal_ul: 228.6520004272461ms
mistune (full) - normal_ul: 244.9331283569336ms
mistune (0.8.4) - normal_ul: 154.64091300964355ms
markdown (3.3.7) - normal_ul: 322.45707511901855ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - normal_ul: 295.5038547515869ms
markdown_it - normal_ul: 376.8129348754883ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - insane_ul: 407.55295753479004ms
mistune (slow) - insane_ul: 406.4030647277832ms
mistune (fast) - insane_ul: 393.967866897583ms
mistune (full) - insane_ul: 416.0141944885254ms
mistune (0.8.4) - insane_ul: 311.251163482666ms
markdown (3.3.7) - insane_ul: 509.9070072174072ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - insane_ul: 468.11795234680176ms
markdown_it - insane_ul: 311.6879463195801ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - normal_ol: 101.10306739807129ms
mistune (slow) - normal_ol: 95.48306465148926ms
mistune (fast) - normal_ol: 95.92795372009277ms
mistune (full) - normal_ol: 104.74610328674316ms
mistune (0.8.4) - normal_ol: 69.27800178527832ms
markdown (3.3.7) - normal_ol: 166.14508628845215ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - normal_ol: 132.5092315673828ms
markdown_it - normal_ol: 146.73089981079102ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - insane_ol: 182.69801139831543ms
mistune (slow) - insane_ol: 182.79385566711426ms
mistune (fast) - insane_ol: 178.88998985290527ms
mistune (full) - insane_ol: 185.28366088867188ms
mistune (0.8.4) - insane_ol: 198.95100593566895ms
markdown (3.3.7) - insane_ol: 193.27211380004883ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - insane_ol: 326.793909072876ms
markdown_it - insane_ol: 306.52713775634766ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - blockquote: 60.926198959350586ms
mistune (slow) - blockquote: 59.05294418334961ms
mistune (fast) - blockquote: 60.379981994628906ms
mistune (full) - blockquote: 63.011884689331055ms
mistune (0.8.4) - blockquote: 41.768789291381836ms
markdown (3.3.7) - blockquote: 240.58294296264648ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - blockquote: 117.5680160522461ms
markdown_it - blockquote: 134.1688632965088ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - blockhtml: 29.725074768066406ms
mistune (slow) - blockhtml: 28.44071388244629ms
mistune (fast) - blockhtml: 29.629945755004883ms
mistune (full) - blockhtml: 34.86800193786621ms
mistune (0.8.4) - blockhtml: 66.39289855957031ms
markdown (3.3.7) - blockhtml: 179.1081428527832ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - blockhtml: 51.030874252319336ms
markdown_it - blockhtml: 100.23188591003418ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - fenced: 17.323017120361328ms
mistune (slow) - fenced: 17.605304718017578ms
mistune (fast) - fenced: 18.645048141479492ms
mistune (full) - fenced: 18.368005752563477ms
mistune (0.8.4) - fenced: 23.174285888671875ms
markdown (3.3.7) - fenced: 139.7559642791748ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - fenced: 39.73197937011719ms
markdown_it - fenced: 54.20064926147461ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - paragraph: 379.1360855102539ms
mistune (slow) - paragraph: 1751.7082691192627ms
mistune (fast) - paragraph: 380.15103340148926ms
mistune (full) - paragraph: 397.8588581085205ms
mistune (0.8.4) - paragraph: 398.9071846008301ms
markdown (3.3.7) - paragraph: 1154.524326324463ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - paragraph: 3151.219129562378ms
markdown_it - paragraph: 3263.485908508301ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - emphasis: 88.96899223327637ms
mistune (slow) - emphasis: 58.29119682312012ms
mistune (fast) - emphasis: 86.65227890014648ms
mistune (full) - emphasis: 92.79203414916992ms
mistune (0.8.4) - emphasis: 80.56378364562988ms
markdown (3.3.7) - emphasis: 293.503999710083ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - emphasis: 128.4170150756836ms
markdown_it - emphasis: 233.23297500610352ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - auto_links: 13.403892517089844ms
mistune (slow) - auto_links: 16.28589630126953ms
mistune (fast) - auto_links: 14.261960983276367ms
mistune (full) - auto_links: 18.305063247680664ms
mistune (0.8.4) - auto_links: 19.008874893188477ms
markdown (3.3.7) - auto_links: 99.04813766479492ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - auto_links: 34.68179702758789ms
markdown_it - auto_links: 76.89023017883301ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - std_links: 75.40297508239746ms
mistune (slow) - std_links: 68.76993179321289ms
mistune (fast) - std_links: 77.87418365478516ms
mistune (full) - std_links: 81.43281936645508ms
mistune (0.8.4) - std_links: 46.09513282775879ms
markdown (3.3.7) - std_links: 152.02832221984863ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - std_links: 90.77978134155273ms
markdown_it - std_links: 124.54009056091309ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - ref_links: 166.98694229125977ms
mistune (slow) - ref_links: 140.70892333984375ms
mistune (fast) - ref_links: 165.57002067565918ms
mistune (full) - ref_links: 185.20402908325195ms
mistune (0.8.4) - ref_links: 130.09381294250488ms
markdown (3.3.7) - ref_links: 333.1298828125ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - ref_links: 222.78594970703125ms
markdown_it - ref_links: 297.23596572875977ms
mistune (3.0.0a3) - readme: 183.7749481201172ms
mistune (slow) - readme: 213.71102333068848ms
mistune (fast) - readme: 177.66094207763672ms
mistune (full) - readme: 196.81501388549805ms
mistune (0.8.4) - readme: 137.41517066955566ms
markdown (3.3.7) - readme: 570.9152221679688ms
mistletoe (0.8.2) - readme: 349.81465339660645ms
markdown_it - readme: 501.8589496612549ms
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