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Sync loading with Webpack

See original GitHub issue

I was looking into preloading a few locales so that async loading wouldn’t be required (I’m using this in cordova so it wouldn’t make much sense) and I came up with this:

  function getInjectedLocale() {
    var localInjector = angular.injector(['ngLocale']);
    return localInjector.get('$locale');

  // put de-de language into cache
  tmhDynamicLocaleCache.put('de-de', getInjectedLocale());

  // put en-gb language into cache
  tmhDynamicLocaleCache.put('en-gb', getInjectedLocale());

  // later on:
  tmhDynamicLocale.set('en-gb'); // or de-de

Seems to work very well, I’m leaving this here as a possible addition to the readme. A possible improvement might be to create a method in tmhDynamicLocale, like tmhDynamicLocale.cacheLastLoadedLocale('de-de') for instance, which can be called right after the require.

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andreialecucommented, Mar 28, 2016

@ChristianUlbrich The above code assumes you’re using webpack.

You can just put it inside a .run call like this:, tmhDynamicLocaleCache) {

If you’re not using webpack, then I’m not sure how this helps you or why you would need it. Care to elaborate?

mehl321commented, Feb 1, 2017

This chunk of code was helpful to get started but I took another path with webpack to tackle async issues. It’s using ui-router.

In webpack make a bare copy of the locals so they are packaged but not (yet) imported.

var copyStatic = new CopyWebpackPlugin([
  {from: './node_modules/angular-i18n/angular-locale_de-de.js', to: path.resolve(APP_ROOT, appConfig.buildDir + '/i18n')},
  {from: './node_modules/angular-i18n/angular-locale_en-gb.js', to: path.resolve(APP_ROOT, appConfig.buildDir + '/i18n')},

Set the path to the locales in the angular config.


Finally created a ui-router hook to make sure that the locale is always set before your logic starts executing.

$transitionsProvider.onBefore({}, setLocale, { priority: 20 });
function setLocale(transition) {
  const tmhDynamicLocale = transition.injector().get('tmhDynamicLocale');
  return tmhDynamicLocale.set('fr')
    .catch((err) => {
      console.warn('Error setting locale. Using default locale.', err);
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