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Get stuck in DynamicBucketing Sampler

See original GitHub issue

I am refactoring icefall to use lazy cutset with dynamic bucketing sampler everywhere in

For the following command run in the librispeech recipe directory using the above PR:

  ./pruned_transducer_stateless3/ \
    --world-size 1 \
    --num-epochs 30 \
    --start-epoch 0 \
    --exp-dir pruned_transducer_stateless3/exp \
    --full-libri 0 \
    --max-duration 100 \
    --giga-prob 0.2

the training process seems to get stuck inside the dynamic bucketing sampler.

The log output is Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 23 26 18

I am using py-spy to find where it gets stuck:

watch -n 0.5 py-spy dump --pid 308949 --native

The output is

10 minutes have passed but nothing changes.

PS: I am using the latest master of lhotse.

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  • Created a year ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

danpoveycommented, Jun 6, 2022

That was with an older Lhotse. With the latest version of Lhotse, I have verified that the number of frames does not depend on the number of workers, it is 944034.00. From lhotse cut describe data/fbank/cuts_dev-clean.json.gz , and same for dev-other, it seems the total duration of valid set is 5.4+5.1 hours; multiplying by 3600 seconds per hour and 25 frames per second, that should give 945000 frames. So the length seems correct; I suppose what may have been happening before is the BucketingSampler may have been discarding some utterances.

pzelaskocommented, Jun 6, 2022

That’s possible, I recall merging 2 PRs fairly recently that were fixing some data loss in BucketingSampler.

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