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audio play automatically on `src` change with unique URL but same audio when `autoPlay` is `false`

See original GitHub issue

In here, if src changes, audio gets played auto even we say autoPlay is false.

We should either add one more condition like ... && autoPlay or completely disable this feature. Otherwise, in some cases, audios get played all the time.

For example; I regularly update components and when components updated, links get refreshed. Audio is same but each time update made, there is an unique encoded URL for each audio. So, with default, even if i select to not play audio automatically, its get played by this library because of this condition.

I’ve removed this on my repository and point the package there. I can create PR for this, if you want.

Just let me know which path should we follow here:

  • a. adding one more condition
  • b. completely remove this line

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

lhz516commented, Jan 5, 2020

I re-considered this issue.

autoPlay actually means auto play when first time DOM is loaded, not means every time src changes.

So I added another prop autoPlayAfterSrcChange which defaults to true because most music players are like this behavior.

gencercommented, Nov 2, 2019

Currently, I am using my own fork as;

"react-h5-audio-player": "",

However, I will publish a npm package for this.

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