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Unable to install ffcv via pip

See original GitHub issue

Unfortunately i am not able to install ffcv via pip in my environment. Following exceptions is raised during installation:

ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: command: /usr/bin/python3 -c 'import sys, setuptools, tokenize; sys.argv[0] = '"'"'/tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/'"'"'; __file__='"'"'/tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/'"'"';f=getattr(tokenize, '"'"'open'"'"', open)(__file__);'"'"'\r\n'"'"', '"'"'\n'"'"');f.close();exec(compile(code, __file__, '"'"'exec'"'"'))' egg_info --egg-base /tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/pip-egg-info cwd: /tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/ Complete output (7 lines): Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "/tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/", line 30, in <module> extension_kwargs = pkgconfig('opencv4', extension_kwargs) File "/tmp/pip-install-bb88nk1n/ffcv/", line 18, in pkgconfig raise Exception() Exception

The error may points to a missing installation of opencv4. But actually i have opencv-python== installed. Am i missing anything here?

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richard-vockcommented, Jul 29, 2022

In my case a

apt install libturbojpeg0-dev libopencv-dev

(before pip/poetry install) fixed it. Note that installing libopencv-dev alone did not suffice.

XksA-mecommented, Dec 22, 2022

In my case a

apt install libturbojpeg0-dev libopencv-dev

(before pip/poetry install) fixed it. Note that installing libopencv-dev alone did not suffice.

Thank you. This is effective. Complete steps: The virtual environment I created with conda is called myconda, python 3.9, cuda11.3, and I installed torch 1.12.1,

conda create -n myconda python=3.9
conda activate myconda
pip install torch==1.12.1+cu113 torchvision==0.13.1+cu113 torchaudio==0.12.1 --extra-index-url

You can rent a machine in and directly select the Python 1.12.1 environment for the above basic environment. They should also add an ffcv system environment based on this environment later.

The first step to install the system depends on:

apt update
apt install pkg-config libturbojpeg0-dev libopencv-dev -y

Step 2: Install Python dependencies:

pip install cupy-cuda113 numba

Step 3: Add environment variables (to~/. bashrc):

export LD_ LIBRARY_ PATH=/root/miniconda3/envs/myconda/lib:$LD_ LIBRARY_ PATH

Step 4:

source  ~/.bashrc
pip install ffcv
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