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Compatibility with Thunderbird 78

See original GitHub issue

There exist a 4.0.0 pre-release there the main verification already works in TB 78. It is available for download at

The xpi can be downloaded under Assets at the bottom of each release.

Also note that the outdated Enigmail add-on can cause problems. Disable or remove the Enigmail add-on and restart Thunderbird to resolve this.

Installed today 3.1.0 version on TB 73.0b1. I see that add-on is installed - but on plugin manage page is just blank page. Also no action on TB mail panel - no text or menu available…

Error console messages:

ReferenceError: gDKIMOptionsGeneralPane is not defined options.xul:1:1
    onload chrome://dkim_verifier/content/options.xul:1
TypeError: textbox is null aboutAddonsExtra.js:44:25
    <anonymous> chrome://messenger/content/aboutAddonsExtra.js:44
SyntaxError: redeclaration of const THUNDERBIRD_THEME_PREVIEWS aboutAddonsExtra.js:1:1

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

liesercommented, Mar 22, 2020

Like I said, I don’t plan to let this add-on die, in fact I already started with the work a while ago. Its just that this update will be something bigger. Especially since I’m trying to avoid any quick and dirty solutions, and instead invest more time to try improve the code quality while doing the update.

So unfortunately you will have to still wait some time. I will post here if there is a version ready there at least the basic works.

xsistemacommented, May 30, 2020

I think most important is simply to see above the message DKIM test result (now it’s working fine). Another good option would be to have an ability to create a filter - for example - From: ends with: + DKIM is invalid (or missing) -> then: Move to Trash". I think these two options are the most important. Perhaps on mouse over warning icon (or OK icon - which does not exists yet) - would be nice to see more information, for example “Insecure signature algorithm: 2048 bits”.

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