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See original GitHub issue


import com.typesafe.scalalogging.StrictLogging

new StrictLogging {"2 + 2 == {}", new Integer(4)) // compiles"2 + 2 == {}", 4)              // fails to compile

The error is:

overloaded method value info with alternatives:
  (marker: org.slf4j.Marker,message: String,args: AnyRef*)Unit <and>
  (marker: org.slf4j.Marker,message: String)Unit <and>
  (message: String,args: AnyRef*)Unit <and>
  (message: String,cause: Throwable)Unit
cannot be applied to (String, Int)

Is there any reason for using AnyRef* instead of Any* in:

class Logger {
  def info(message: String, args: AnyRef*): Unit = macro LoggerMacro.infoMessageArgs

If not, I can fix it and create a PR.

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ptxmaccommented, Oct 18, 2015

Actually the string interpolation isn’t evaluated unless the logger is enabled! The logger macros converts logger.debug into a if statement that checks if debug is enabled before calling the logger.

stefanvanwouwcommented, Oct 7, 2015

I encountered the same problem and circumvented it by using Scala’s String Interpolation feature . When using sfl4j LoggerFactory’s logger directly similar problems occur as the one you describe above.

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