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@ helper's don't work

See original GitHub issue

Is this nested structure supposed to work?


	{@select key=category}
		{@eq value="event"}{>"views/snapshot/event"/}{/eq}


<div class="row activity {name} {category} reset-lineheight">
	<div class="col-xs-1">
		<span class="svg {icon_class}"></span>

	<div class="col-xs-11">
			<i class="text-muted text-note">{@gt key=counter value="1" type="number"}{strings.last_time} {/gt}{formatted_datetime}</i>

Inside the partial event none of the @ helpers function correctly. If I output {counter} or do a context dump the correct value appears. In case it was a type issue I added a string property with a static value and did an @eq test on it which also failed to produce output. {:else} blocks are also not displayed it’s as if the entire condition is stripped somehow.

Is this a bug? If I change the @select in the parent view to @eq checks the @ helpers inside event do function as you’d expect them to. The reason it’s an @select is because there are about 10 different views depending on the value of category.

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hegdeashwincommented, Dec 6, 2017

I have similar issue with Node.js 8.8.1 version

    <div>Hello World</div>
    {@eq key="true" value="true"}
        <div>Hello 1</div>
        <div>Hello 2</div>

{@eq} is not executing at all when I switch to Node.js 6.10.2 … things just work fine.

snehasis419commented, Dec 7, 2017

We are facing the same issue as mentioned by @hegdeashwin @monsterlane what is the node version you are using? Also, are you using dust on server-side templating?

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