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TreeSHAP does not exact SHAP values on correlated features

See original GitHub issue

As highlighted in, it seems that TreeSHAP does not compute the expected SHAP values.

The following notebook reproduces the problem with the FastTreeSHAP implementation:

Note that it is not only a problem in the implementation but rather a problem in algorithm 1 of the original TreeSHAP paper (i.e. tree traversal)

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jlyang1990commented, Mar 23, 2022

Thanks @glemaitre for pointing it out. The primary goal of this FastTreeSHAP package is to develop a fast implementation of the TreeSHAP algorithm (feature_perturbation=“tree_path_dependent”) that reproduce the results from the original implementation of the TreeSHAP algorithm (feature_perturbation=“tree_path_dependent”) in the SHAP package. For those users who are currently implementing the TreeSHAP algorithm (feature_perturbation=“tree_path_dependent”) in SHAP package, we aim to provide them with a more efficient way of implementing it.

The potential issue you pointed out is relevant to the mathematical details of the TreeSHAP algorithm in the original paper, therefore we think it is more appropriate to discuss this issue with the original authors of TreeSHAP. If the original authors update the TreeSHAP algorithm (feature_perturbation=“tree_path_dependent”) in the SHAP package, we will update our implementations on our side to make sure they produce exactly the same results.

jlyang1990commented, May 30, 2022

Yes that’s correct.

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