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FileNotFoundException when transforming the video

See original GitHub issue

I am getting the following error /storage/emulated/0/Movies/MyApp/video.mp4: open failed: EEXIST (File exists)

This happens while using the below api specifically on Android Devices above Android 10. It works fine below Android 10.

 MediaTransformer.transform(@NonNull String requestId,
                          Uri inputUri,
                          String outputFilePath,
                          MediaFormat targetVideoFormat,
                          MediaFormat targetAudioFormat,
                          TransformationListener listener,
                          TransformationOptions transformationOptions) 

Inside the above api MediaTargetException is thrown /storage/emulated/0/Movies/MyApp/video.mp4: open failed: EEXIST (File exists)Media transformation failed for job id: null
Failed to open the media target for write.
Output file path or Uri encoded string: /storage/emulated/0/Movies/MyApp/video.mp4
MediaMuxer output format: 0

I believe this might have to do with the new File system changes introduced from Android 10

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  • Created 2 years ago
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izzytwoshedscommented, Mar 30, 2022

Yes. We are preparing a new release. Meanwhile, you can try a snapshot release by adding following to your gradle build files (I didn’t try it myself yet): repositories { maven { url "" } }

izzytwoshedscommented, Mar 25, 2022

There is a PR in flight, that should help. We already use FileDescriptor in MediaMuxerTarget but it was not exposed via transform method. It is now: Let me know if this solves your issue.

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