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Documentation: How to configure and enable basic LDAP/AD User Authentication for Oncall

See original GitHub issue

I was having trouble getting basic LDAP/Active Directory authentication enabled in my instance of Oncall due to the config options provided. In the end I figured out that all that is needed is to enable the following:

  • Enable module: 'oncall.auth.modules.ldap_example'
  • Enable and configure ldap_url
  • Enable and configure ldap_user_suffix
  • Enable and configure ldap_cert_path

Here is a proper example:

# Example configuration for LDAP-based auth
  module: 'oncall.auth.modules.ldap_example'
  ldap_url: 'ldaps://'
  ldap_user_suffix: ''
  ldap_cert_path: '/home/oncall/configs/corp_cert.pem'

Everything else in the module config block should be commented out.

All of the other configs including ldap_bind_user, ldap_bind_password, ldap_base_dn, and ldap_search_filter wasn’t needed as I assume they are used by the ldap_import module.

Is it recommended to submit a PR to add notes on separating out the different module options in the config.yaml? If not, what is the best way to submit contributions to the official documentation at (documentation is hosted on read the docs)?

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jordo1138commented, Aug 31, 2018

@joedissmeyer I have a PR for a doc change open now, they use github and sphinx to build the docs so you can modify the source of the docs here and make the PR based on changes in the example like you showed in this issue

abra620commented, Dec 23, 2020

can any one explain how to add users using IDAP…? I don’t have experience on IDAP couldn’t find useful answer on google.

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