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linkerd stops routing HTTP traffic to external DNS names

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Filing a Linkerd issue

Issue Type:

  • Bug report
  • Feature request

What happened: After some time linkerd stops routing traffic to external DNS names with

“E 0812 09:45:11.218 UTC THREAD11 TraceId:b86af61cbd38ae05: service failure: com.twitter.finagle.naming.buoyant.DynBoundTimeoutException: Exceeded 30.seconds binding timeout while resolving name: /svc/”


“I 0812 09:45:34.190 UTC THREAD11: Reaping /svc/”

Routing to internal services works fine.

Additional symptom:

Delegator webpage starts to load without DTAB form and with message

“The request to namerd has timed out. Please ensure your config is correct and try again.”

Restart of linkerd restores functioning of routing to external services and Delegator webpage

What you expected to happen: linkerd shouldn’t require restart to route traffic to external services

How to reproduce it (as minimally and precisely as possible):

Anything else we need to know?: linkerd and affected services are deployed in k8s cluster router configuration:

    - protocol: http
      label: http-outgoing
      maxRequestKB: 20480
      maxResponseKB: 20480
      httpAccessLog: /var/log/linkerd/l5d-http-outgoing-access.log
          kind: none
        kind: io.l5d.k8s.configMap
        experimental: true
        name: l5d-dtabs-config
        filename: http-outgoing
        namespace: servicemesh
      - port: 4140
      bindingTimeoutMs: 30000
        paths: 100
        trees: 100
        bounds: 100
        clients: 10
        idleTtlSecs: 5

DTAB used:

  http-outgoing: |-
        /ph        => /$/io.buoyant.rinet ;                     # /ph/80/ -> /$/io.buoyant.rinet/80/
        /svc       => /ph/80 ;                                  # /svc/ -> /ph/80/
        /svc       => /$/io.buoyant.porthostPfx/ph ;            # /svc/ -> /ph/80/
        /k8s       => /#/io.l5d.k8s ;                           # /k8s/default/http/foo -> /#/io.l5d.k8s.http/default/http/foo
        /portNsSvc => /#/portNsSvcToK8s ;                       # /portNsSvc/http/default/foo -> /k8s/default/http/foo
        /host      => /portNsSvc/http/default ;                 # /host/foo -> /portNsSvc/http/default/foo
        /host      => /portNsSvc/http ;                         # /host/default/foo -> /portNsSvc/http/default/foo
        /svc       => /$/io.buoyant.http.domainToPathPfx/host ; # /svc/foo.default -> /host/default/foo	


  • linkerd/namerd version, config files: linkerd 1.6.4; namerd is not used
  • Platform, version, and config files (Kubernetes, DC/OS, etc): Kops created k8s cluster in AWS (1.11.9, 1.12.7)
  • Cloud provider or hardware configuration: AWS

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:20 (14 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

zaharidichevcommented, Sep 12, 2019

@valerii-grachov Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation of the issue and the provided evidence. We are still trying to deterministically reproduce the problem. By the looks of it a cache that should not evict under any circumstances is evicting one of these watchers and closing it premmaturely. When we manage to reproduce the problem and catch why this is happening, we will push out a fix.

cpretzercommented, Jan 7, 2020

@j0sh3rs I’m going to close this ticket for now. Please reopen it if you get more details about the behavior and how to reproduce it.

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