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Some issues + possible fixes...

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First of all, thanks for this amazing code. I just want to mention a few issues I saw while working with this package. I am using Windows, so some of the issues might be because of it. (I believe the code is implemented for MAC)

  1. The code is a bit old, so if you encounter the error “This browser or app may not be secure” in the first login process, just try an older version of FireFox (I made it work with version 77).

  2. It misses a third click on the next button in the uploading process. Otherwise it will stuck at Checks dialogue and does not complete the uploading process. Just add another click on the next button in file line 139:

self.browser.find(By.ID, Constant.NEXT_BUTTON).click()
self.logger.debug('Clicked another another {}'.format(Constant.NEXT_BUTTON))

(There is already a commit that fixes this issue + updates in the constant variables)

  1. @linouk23 recently fixed an issue in filling the description field process, but I believe they forgot to add a __write_in_the_field in the process. In my tests, the description was not filled without it. (Also, I added a line of code to replace \n character with the button Enter to make a new line in description) the same file line 106:
video_description = self.metadata_dict[Constant.VIDEO_DESCRIPTION]
video_description = video_description.replace("\n", Keys.ENTER);
if video_description:
	description_field = self.browser.find_all(By.ID, Constant.TEXTBOX)[1]
	self.__write_in_field(description_field, video_description, select_all=True)
	self.logger.debug('Set the description.')
  1. This one is only an issue for the Windows users. The __write_in_the_field function has an select_all feature to delete the existing inputs in the field, but it only works on MAC. Because it uses “command+a” instead of “control+a”. It could be a feature maybe? (same file, line 77)
field.send_keys(Keys.CONTROL + 'a')
  1. Also, here is a sample of the json file if you want to add tags and do not want to go through the code on how to do it : )
    "title": "Test Title",
    "description": "Test Description.",
    "tags": ["test1", "test2", "test3"]

I believe these are the changes I made to make this work for me. Again, Thanks a lot to @linouk23 for making the code public.

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4lekzcommented, May 13, 2021

Point 1. helped me a lot. I’ll add one thing for other people. Don’t bother turning off auto update in mozilla 77. Just delete updater in mozilla installation folder. (last post by rado84

AlaFalakicommented, May 10, 2021

@linouk23 Unfortunately, I am a bit busy right now. I will try to do it over the weekend.

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