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Specify host header and send request against IP

See original GitHub issue

Is there a way to specify host header and send request against IP similar to this:

txheaders = { 'User-Agent': UA, "Host": nohttp_url }
robots = urllib2.Request("http://" + ip  + "/robots.txt", txdata, txheaders)

Our main site has single IP and distinguish virtual sites via host header. There are multiple web servers behind load balancer. I need to run test against internal (particular web server) IP or external (load-balanced) IP

I guess, I can use custom DNS to map everything to IP I need, but workstation I run tests from is used for many other things…

Could somebody clarify why User-Agent header works, but Host is ignored, please? Is there another workaround without custom DNS?

I need smth. like: locust --host=http://IP --no-web

h = {
"Host": "",
self.client.get("/", headers=h)

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aimer1124commented, Jun 20, 2017
h = """{
"Host": "",
self.client.get("/", headers=h)

Try this.

divyatvcommented, Dec 12, 2019

I used to get 401 errors, while using python Locust for a load test- but wasn’t able to figure out how to send Authentication Type= Preemptive in the headers. But this clue helped and was able to figure out the solution.

h={‘Authorization’: ‘Basic PUTKEYHERE’} self.client.get("/<some api call uri> ", headers=h)

Thank you!

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