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How to render multiple arranged meshes of fixed height

See original GitHub issue

I want to arrange multiple meshes in order along the x-axis to render an image with a fixed height. The width of the image is calculated according to the length of the mesh after arrangement, and I want these grids to occupy the whole picture.

I have many different meshes, so I want to deal with this problem in a more determined way, rather than by setting the zoom parameters.

data(replace “.txt” with “.zip”)


import igl
from vedo import *

settings.rendererFrameAlpha = 0
settings.useParallelProjection = True  # avoid perspective parallax

color_meshlab = [

# path_mesh = "/home/lab0/Pictures/for_vedo_20221105/CCD_mesh_d_ortho_00000_0_opt_0.ply"
path_mesh = "/home/lab0/Pictures/for_vedo_20221105/CCD_mesh_d_ortho_00003_0_opt_0.ply"

path_mesh_1 = path_mesh
path_mesh_2 = path_mesh
path_mesh_3 = path_mesh
path_mesh_4 = path_mesh

v0, f0 = igl.read_triangle_mesh(path_mesh_2)
v1, f1 = igl.read_triangle_mesh(path_mesh_2)
v2, f2 = igl.read_triangle_mesh(path_mesh_3)
v3, f3 = igl.read_triangle_mesh(path_mesh_4)

mean0 = v0.mean(0)
max0 = v0.max(0)
min0 = v0.min(0)

d = max0 - min0
dx = d[0]  # width of mesh
ddx = 0.1  # Gaps between meshes, here we set as 0.1m

# Decentralization
if True:
    v0 -= mean0
    v0 -= min0

    v1 -= mean0
    v1 -= min0

    v2 -= mean0
    v2 -= min0

    v3 -= mean0
    v3 -= min0

# Arrange along the x-axis
if True:
    v1[:, 0] += (dx + ddx) * 1
    v2[:, 0] += (dx + ddx) * 2
    v3[:, 0] += (dx + ddx) * 3

M0 = Mesh([v0, f0])
M1 = Mesh([v1, f1])
M2 = Mesh([v2, f2])
M3 = Mesh([v3, f3])


# dx ddx-dx ddx-dx ddx-dx
h = d[1]
w = 4 * dx + 3 * ddx
h += 0.2  # margin
w += 0.2

# Fixed height, the width is calculated according to the x-axis length of the meshes
h0 = 800
hw = h0
ww = int(h0 * w / h)

show([M0, M1, M2, M3], zoom=1.0, size=(ww, hw), offscreen=0)

result: check_0

desired: check_0

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

marcomusycommented, Nov 6, 2022

Nice, you are very welcome to make a pull request if you wish!

The difference is that show() by default makes a call to reset_camera() so it nullifies the first call to it. The equivalent would be:, resetcam=False)

marcomusycommented, Nov 5, 2022

have you tried

show(..., zoom="tight")
# or
show(..., zoom="tightest")

you may need to update vedo with:

pip install vedo -U
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