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Matching two Meshes

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Previously and upon you assist me in this: now what I have to ask, if I have two meshes, and I need to make matching between them, we already have interest points, and from these points, and after applying few strategies, I got matching between meshes, So now, instead of having: a = [1,4,7,2,9,10,50,33,25] I got a new array having for example: b = [1,50,33,25] and this the common points between the two meshes My question would it be possible to show the two meshes, showing the main interest points, as well make lines that refer to matching depending on b like the image obtained by someone, and the color of the line will be later, depending on whether this match is correct or not. Would it be possible to do this using this library, please? 7-Figure8-1

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  • Created 4 years ago
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marcomusycommented, Oct 9, 2020
  1. Then you don’t need a scalarbar. Try
from vedo import *
import numpy as np

mesh1 = load(datadir+'apple.ply').alpha(0.2)
mesh2 = mesh1.clone().x(3).c('v')

pts1, pts2 = mesh1.points(), mesh2.points()

good_matches = [  0,100,200]
bad_matches  = [300,400,500]

good_lns = Lines(pts1[good_matches], pts2[good_matches], lw=3, c='g')
bad_lns  = Lines(pts1[bad_matches],  pts2[bad_matches], lw=4, c='r')
show(mesh1, mesh2, good_lns, bad_lns, axes=1)#.screenshot('a.png')


  1. possible solution:
########################## find index from coordinate
pp = [[ 1.03942804e-01,  1.83283873e-02, -9.15606380e-01],
      [ 0, -3.48307818e-01, -9.15e-01],
      [-6.23666346e-01, -1.09974377e-01, -9.41993356e-01]]

def find_index(array, p):
    array = np.asarray(array)
    if not utils.isSequence(p): p = [p]
    idxs = [np.sum((array-q)**2, axis=1).argmin() for q in p]
    return idxs

print(find_index(pts1, pp))
marcomusycommented, Jun 3, 2020

You are shifting the second mesh inside the show(), that deosn’t make much sense to me… check out my version of your example:

from vtkplotter import *

mesh1 = load(datadir+'apple.ply').alpha(0.2)
mesh2 = load(datadir+'apple.ply').x(3).c('v').alpha(0.2)

pts1, pts2 = mesh1.points(), mesh2.points()

matches1 = [  0,100,200]
matches2 = [300,400,500]

lns = Lines(pts1[matches1], pts2[matches2], lw=4)
scal = mag(pts1[matches1] - pts2[matches2])
lns.cellColors(scal, cmap='viridis').addScalarBar(title='distance')
rpts1 = Points(pts1[matches1], r=10, c='white')
rpts2 = Points(pts2[matches2], r=10, c='blue')

show(mesh1, mesh2, lns, rpts1, rpts2, axes=1)


  • if you have lines to indicate wrong matches you can use a different Line() object with a fixed color.
  • you can save the image with screenshot()
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