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[mdc-icon-button] Icon button does not set colors based on theme values properly

See original GitHub issue

Bug report

Icon button does not set colors based on theme values properly. Default color doesn’t change based on theme color palette and disabled color is always set to text-disabled-on-light which is not the best option for a dark theme (screenshot attached).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a custom dark theme:

For example:

@use "@material/theme" with (
    // Background
  $background: #212121,

  // Primary
  $primary: #3d74ff,
  $on-primary: #000,

  // Secondary
  $secondary: #00b8c7,
  $on-secondary: #000,

  // Surface
  $surface: #212121,
  $on-surface: #fff,

  // Status
  $error: #d91e18,
  $on-error: #fff
  1. Take a look at mdc-icon-button default and disabled states.
  2. Default color remains full black and disabled color is too dark which makes the component not properly visible for users.

Actual behavior

Colors are not updated based on theme color palette.

Expected behavior

Colors should be set based on theme color palette.



Possible solution

The above comments are just suggestions based on my understanding of the component implementation but i’m not fully aware of the standard and guidelines defined for this components so please ignore this if it doesn’t apply.


Currently i’m using these styles to achieve what i wanted in case it adds some info to the bug:

@use "@material/theme" as mdc-theme;
@use "@material/icon-button/mixins" as mdc-icon-button-mixins;

@mixin base_ () {

@mixin disabled_ () {
  $text-disabled-color: if(mdc-theme.contrast-tone(mdc-theme.$surface) == "dark", text-disabled-on-light, text-disabled-on-dark);

  @include mdc-icon-button-mixins.disabled-ink-color($text-disabled-color);

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 4 years ago
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  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

asyncLizcommented, Mar 13, 2020

We definitely think this could be addressed. Adding it to our backlog to investigate

kintz09commented, Sep 16, 2021

Is this still issue still expected to be fixed? I discovered the same issue today, but noticed this issue had been reported back in 2020.

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