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BCD "category" can be derived from the query

See original GitHub issue


The component is never called with a category prop. However, as of yesterday, we do have data.query as a prop. That is the key to derive a different value to the category variable.

According to @Elchi3 that value should be the first part of the query. So if the query is '' the category should be 'html'. I.e. data.query.split('.').shift().

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  • Created 4 years ago
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Elchi3commented, Oct 21, 2019

@Elchi3 Would you mind reviewing that on its own to make sure it’s exactly the way you want it? …separate from how the argument to that function works.

The gatherPlatformsAndBrowsers function does exactly do what I want, yes. What I don’t know is whether we will have WebExtensions docs in stumptown, since it is rather Firefox docs than Web docs. With that being gone potentially, the logic could just be: when there is nodejs compat data present, show a third column with “Server”, otherwise omit that column, and then there would be no need anymore for categorization at all.

joedarccommented, Nov 1, 2019

Just to put a little update on this. Using the query for the category works as you suggested @peterbe. Ended up using it when working with the legacy Kuma docs. I’ll make a PR for it at some point today.

What I don’t know is whether we will have WebExtensions docs in stumptown

Interesting, I actually ran into some discrepancies when rendering the BCD table for a webextensions doc. Basically, the data was a bit different than what the renderer is currently expecting. I sort of expected this as we were only working with html docs at the time and figured there may be some other cases down the road. Probably not relevant information for this issue specifically, just putting that in the air.

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