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Which settings.json get picked on runtime?

See original GitHub issue

We need to make replicas of same bot(say Bot-A) built on composer.

Post successfully creating new services(LUIS, QnA, CosmosDB, Azure webapp, Azure bot) we need to update the new bot(Bot-B) to work same as Bot-A.

However, we are unable to figure out if “appsettings.json” under the settings folder is a single point of update for all the settings used during runtime?

Do the values from “publishTargets” of appsettings get used during runtime, or is this only for publish purposes?

Also, how are the recognizers logically configured? eg: for “applicationId” below, I do not see a relavant object generated in the appsettings file that satisfies “=settings.luis.InfoBot_en_us_lu.appId”, but bot(Bot-A) still works.

  "$kind": "Microsoft.LuisRecognizer",
  "id": "LUIS_InfoBot",
  "applicationId": "=settings.luis.InfoBot_en_us_lu.appId",
  "version": "=settings.luis.InfoBot_en_us_lu.version",
  "endpoint": "=settings.luis.endpoint",
  "endpointKey": "=settings.luis.endpointKey"

How does the bot get injected with the respective services it has to use during runtime?

I am coming from a background of building bots in SDK v4, so please feel free to direct me to documents or code scripts that can help me understand and debug the above.

Would you eventually be able to add a document around this please.

Thank you!

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saikumarucommented, Mar 11, 2022

A big thanks for staying with me on this and we are getting aligned.

Can you also clarify one part with the team on whether Azure functions also would consume the settings from App Configuration blade and not the appsettings.json, if deployed through CICD?

anishprasad01commented, Mar 25, 2022

Ah, so you did. I guess we missed that. Apologies. The functionality should have been (barring the bug of course) the same regardless.

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