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"wall_clock_breakdown": true and overlap_comm: true

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Hi, I have a question regarding how deepspeed measures the communication time. I see that there is a timer that counts the time for allreduce as in But when I go into this function, I found it eventually goes into, which only performs cuda synchronization when overlap_comm=True. If I remember correctly, pytorch backward is a blocking operation, and the communication finishes before we enter self.timers(‘backward_allreduce_microstep’).start() .

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (6 by maintainers)

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szhengaccommented, Dec 24, 2020

Thanks. This explains. I think it may be helpful to add some comments around that allreduce call, otherwise it is misleading. And, since deepspeed uses its own launcher, I cannot directly just use nsys --profile deepspeed <args> for profiling. mpirun also has issue. Is there a way that I can use Nsight to profile the job? Recently, I came across an issue that backward is 26 times more expensive than the forward for the 10B model training. In general, the cost of the backward is only 2x times of that of the forward (it can be more if the workers communicate inside the backward, but it still shouldn’t be 26x times). This is strange as I am using 128 A100 GPUs with 4 AWS EFA NICs enabled (400Gb/s bandwidth). So the network should not be a problem and I need to use nsys to profile the training job to figure out why it happens. rank=0 time (ms) | forward_microstep: 70.96 | backward_microstep: 1805.11 | backward_inner_microstep: 1749.92 | backward_allreduce_microstep: 55.12 | step_microstep: 9.21 rank=0 time (ms) | forward: 70.94 | backward: 1805.08 | backward_inner: 1749.89 | backward_allreduce: 55.10 | step: 9.18
kehuanfengcommented, Dec 10, 2021

Nevermind, I have managed to fix the mpirun and used nsight to profile the training. I put the profiling result in a new issue #620.

@szhengac could you please share how you get nsight working with deepspeed launcher? The command I am using is as below, and the report doesn’t contain any cuda trace information. nsys profile --trace=cuda deepspeed

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