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Add type definitions for Files And Directories API

See original GitHub issue

Search Terms

"Files And Directories API" FileSystemFileEntry


Add types for the Files And Directories API:


  • FileSystemEntry
  • FileSystemDirectoryEntry
  • FileSystemDirectoryReader
  • FileSystemFileEntry
  • FileSystem

Use Cases

Handling drag/drop of multiple files and/or folders, and gleaning extra information about the dropped files (which is what the API provides).


My suggestion meets these guidelines:

  • This wouldn’t be a breaking change in existing TypeScript/JavaScript code
  • This wouldn’t change the runtime behavior of existing JavaScript code
  • This could be implemented without emitting different JS based on the types of the expressions
  • This isn’t a runtime feature (e.g. library functionality, non-ECMAScript syntax with JavaScript output, etc.)
  • This feature would agree with the rest of TypeScript’s Design Goals.

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Reactions:14
  • Comments:8 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

gnusivacommented, Dec 6, 2020

looks like there are official types available.

HenningCashcommented, May 17, 2021

Just stumbled across this issue. The initial request of this issues asks for types for the non-standard “File and Directory Entries API”. @types/wicg-file-system-access are types for the “File System Access API”. (And be warned, there is also a third obsolete W3C draft for JS file system access)

Currently, there are more browsers supporting the entries-api than the native-file-system API: It’s still undecided whether Firefox will implement the native file system API: atm Firefox only supports the non-standardized Entries API, even if access to it is prefixed with webkit*:

So… this is the short summary of JS file-system APIs in early 2021.

⚠️ Edit: DefinitelyTyped now also provides types for the Entries API:

Read more comments on GitHub >

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