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Go to definition for TypeScript literal strings

See original GitHub issue

Feature request

Go to definition for TypeScript literal strings.


Given the below code, I would really like to be able to jump to the definition of the 'foo':

const obj = {
  foo: 'bar' as const,
  hello: 'world' as const,

function get<T, K extends keyof T>(obj: T, path: K): T[K] {
  return obj[path]

const val = get(obj, 'foo')
//                   👆👆👆 Is there a way of make jump to definition work here?
//                         I really want to CMD+click `'foo'` and jump to line #2

Link to TypeScript playground.

WebStorm Demo of the same code

In WebStorm, it actually works how I wish that VSCode worked, here’s a video:

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

t3dotggcommented, Jun 20, 2022

I’ll throw in another $500 on this bounty @KATT

KATTcommented, Dec 21, 2022

Alright, I’ll pay $500 once it’s released if someone solves this within 3 months. I will come back later when I can find some bug bounty site where I can get the money back if it’s not resolved.

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