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Ignore Specific Error [AGAIN]

See original GitHub issue

Yes, this is a duplicate of #11051, but that issue is closed and this NEEDS to be addressed.

People use Typescript for more than just Javascript compilation now. There are tons of transpilers that convert TS to all sorts of useful languages. Typescript must have a proper way to disable certain error codes project-wide.

My specific issue right now is that I’m using TypescriptToLua, a Typescript transpiler that produces lua code, and Typescript throws a fit whenever I try to use mathematical operators on classes. This would make sense if I was compiling to Javascript, but I’m not, but I’m forced to annotate every line with @ts-ignore (unrealistic) or suffer through constant reports of TS2362 and TS2363 in my console (infuriating).

There could easily be an ignoreErrors: number[] in the .tsconfig file that provides this functionality. The only thing stopping it from existing is stubborness. Well designed errors that never cause issues are a nice dream, but realistically there will always be use cases that are not met by the error handler, and the user should have the power to suppress invalid warnings.

A short example of my issue:

Typescript that will be converted using TypescriptToLua:

/** @customConstructor */
declare class Vector {
	constructor(x: number, y?: number, z?: number);

const v = new Vector(1, 2, 3);
const vSquared = v * v;

Generated (valid) lua code:

--[[ Generated with ]]
v =, 2, 3)
vSquared = v * v

Obnoxious compiler output:

main.ts:9:18 - error TS2362: The left-hand side of an arithmetic operation must be of type 'any', 'number', 'bigint' or an enum type.

9 const vSquared = v * v;

main.ts:9:22 - error TS2363: The right-hand side of an arithmetic operation must be of type 'any', 'number', 'bigint' or an enum type.

9 const vSquared = v * v;

Thank you for your time, I hope that this issue can be seen as what is is, which is a frustrating lack of user control and agency.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AncientSwordRagecommented, Apr 11, 2022

I’m using typescript checking of JS files so I can use typescript-style JSDoc types. I don’t need a lot of the other rules checking though. Switching off those rules is really important to me

chkpntcommented, Jul 9, 2021

💯! I’m working on a legacy JS project with tons of warnings that can’t simply be fixed. I really like to have the compiler’s hints, but it’s a pity the important ones get lost in the shuffle. The world isn’t black and white, I confirm the need for the ability to opt-out for specific checks. Either by a project wide setting as suggested by @Aurailus or on a file level with something like @ts-nocheck:#1,#2,... (I’d prefer the second option as it allows smaller refactorings when working on the mitigation of a specific issue).

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