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ignoring custom typescript dts type definition files for javascript modules

See original GitHub issue

TS Template added by @mjbvz

TypeScript Version: 3.9.7

Search Terms

  • javascript, js
  • d.ts

Issue Type: Bug

  1. Clone my example repository.
  2. Add the repository folder to a VS Code workspace.
  3. In a terminal, go to the repository folder and run
npm install
npm run test_with_types
  1. The project should build and run some Mocha tests successfully.
  2. In VS Code, open the test/legacy.test.ts file.

Expected result

VS Code should not report any errors in test/legacy.test.ts.

Actual result

VS Code applies an error annotation where the file references the legacy.FooOptions type: Namespace '"/<path_omitted>/typescript_custom_dts_issue/src/legacy"' has no exported member 'FooOptions'.ts(2694).

The FooOptions type is declared in the src/legacy.d.ts custom type definition file. The NPM script build:copy_types copies that custom type declaration file to the lib directory, which is the outDir configured in src/tsconfig.json. VS Code appears to ignore that type definition file. Note that importing the legacy module in the test file using ../src/legacy removes the error annotation, but the test generates a runtime error that the module ../src/legacy cannot be found because of course Node cannot load a .ts TypeScript module.

I thought perhaps source maps might be causing VS Code to ignore the definition file in the lib directory, but deleting the source maps and reloading the project did not resolve the issue. Could this have something to do with VS Code attempting to account for the project reference from test/tsconfig.json to src/tsconfig.json?

I have also used the Insider version of VS Code to test and reproduce this issue.

VS Code version: Code 1.47.2 (17299e413d5590b14ab0340ea477cdd86ff13daf, 2020-07-15T18:18:50.054Z) OS version: Darwin x64 19.5.0

System Info
Item Value
CPUs Intel® Core™ i9-9880H CPU @ 2.30GHz (16 x 2300)
GPU Status 2d_canvas: enabled
flash_3d: enabled
flash_stage3d: enabled
flash_stage3d_baseline: enabled
gpu_compositing: enabled
metal: disabled_off
multiple_raster_threads: enabled_on
oop_rasterization: disabled_off
protected_video_decode: unavailable_off
rasterization: enabled
skia_renderer: disabled_off_ok
video_decode: enabled
viz_display_compositor: enabled_on
viz_hit_test_surface_layer: disabled_off_ok
webgl: enabled
webgl2: enabled
Load (avg) 2, 2, 2
Memory (System) 32.00GB (0.22GB free)
Process Argv
Screen Reader no
VM 0%
Extensions (47)
Extension Author (truncated) Version
vscode-openapi 42C 3.4.0
al-code-outline and 2.0.4
asciidoctor-vscode asc 2.8.3
better-toml bun 0.3.2
solargraph cas 0.21.1
npm-intellisense chr 1.3.0
path-intellisense chr 2.2.1
vscode-eslint dba 2.1.8
javascript-ejs-support Dig 1.3.1
docs-yaml doc 0.2.5
xml Dot 2.5.0
gitlens eam 10.2.2
vscode-html-css ecm 0.2.3
vscode-npm-script eg2 0.3.12
go gol 0.15.1
gc-excelviewer Gra 3.0.38
vscode-nginx-conf-hint han 0.1.0
vscode-test-explorer hbe 2.19.1
rest-client hum 0.24.1
search-node-modules jas 1.3.0
asciidoctor-vscode joa 2.8.0
svg joc 1.3.5
sublime-babel-vscode jos 0.2.10
vscode-colorize kam 0.8.17
node-module-intellisense lei 1.5.0
Kotlin mat 1.7.1
rainbow-csv mec 1.7.0
vscode-docker ms- 1.3.1
python ms- 2020.7.94776
cpptools ms- 0.29.0
debugger-for-chrome msj 4.12.9
gradle-language nac 0.2.3
node-modules-resolve nau 1.0.2
vscode-gitignore-generator pio 1.0.2
vscode-manifest-yaml Piv 1.19.0
polymer-ide pol 0.6.0
qub-xml-vscode qub 1.2.8
vscode-yaml red 0.9.1
sass-indented rob 1.5.1
rewrap stk 1.12.0
code-spell-checker str 1.9.0
json2yaml tux 0.2.0
vscode-sourcemaps-navigator vlk 0.0.3
nodejs-extension-pack wad 0.1.9
crs-al-language-extension wal 1.2.4
JavaScriptSnippets xab 1.8.0
openapi-preview zoe 1.7.1

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

RyanCavanaughcommented, Jul 23, 2020

This sounds like a configuration error, not a bug. We can investigate if this is reduced to just a set of files that clearly demonstrates a defect

restjohncommented, Jul 30, 2020

Thanks for your response @DanielRosenwasser.

Your description of the symptoms seems correct on the surface, though I reiterate that the project builds from the command line with tsc, while VS Code reports errors in the test files that import src modules with corresponding .d.ts files. VS Code does not see the “intended” types, so marks the code with errors, and intellisense does not work.

If you examine the project in the linked repository, you’ll see that the build script does what you say and injects the .d.ts files that type the JavaScript modules from the src directory into the lib directory. The problem is VS Code does not see the lib .d.ts files that the test files import. When I ctrl-click on one of those imported modules from a test file, VS Code jumps to the JavaScript file in the src directory, which might provide some clue as to the cause.

Additionally, you’ll see from my comments in the linked related issue that the workaround of copying .d.ts files from src to lib necessitates explicitly compiling src, then copying the .d.ts files to lib, then compiling test, which completely defeats the purpose of using the project reference from test to src. Therefore, I believe part of the solution involves the TypeScript compiler emitting custom DTS files by default rather than generating its own.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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