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Implicit Symbol.iterator call in for..of loops / spread destructuring doesn't infer `this` generic type parameter

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TypeScript Version: 4.0.0-dev.20200507

Search Terms: Symbol.iterator type parameter implicit calling for…of loops object spread destructuring this generic


What follows is 3 different ways of iterating over an object using a custom-made iterator. However, using Symbol.iterator implicitly via the for…of loop fails to produce the same behavior:

const obj = {
	x: 1,
	y: 2,
	z: 3,
	*[Symbol.iterator]<T extends object>(
		this: T,
	): Generator<NonNullable<{ [K in keyof T]: [K, NonNullable<T[K]>] }[keyof T]>, void, unknown> {
		for (const entry of Object.entries(this)) yield entry as never;

	const iter = obj[Symbol.iterator]();

	for (let result =; !result.done; result = {
		const { value } = result;
		value; // ["x", number] | ["y", number] | ["z", number]

for (const value of obj[Symbol.iterator]()) {
	value; // ["x", number] | ["y", number] | ["z", number]

for (const value of obj) {
	value; // NonNullable<{ [K in keyof T]: [K, NonNullable<T[K]>]; }[keyof T]>
	// bad! This should be ["x", number] | ["y", number] | ["z", number]

// also, spread destructuring suffers from the same problem!
const values = [...obj]; // Array<NonNullable<{ [K in keyof T]: [K, NonNullable<T[K]>]; }[keyof T]>>
// bad! This should be Array<["x", number] | ["y", number] | ["z", number]>

Expected behavior: for (const value of obj) should implicitly do the type equivalent of calling our iterator symbol, i.e. for (const value of obj[Symbol.iterator]()). That means our type parameter should be correctly inferred like so: obj[Symbol.iterator]<T>(this: T).

Actual behavior: T cannot be inferred as the local this type, so all derivative types cannot be evaluated and the type stays as its generic version.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Validarkcommented, Jun 21, 2020

I fixed it!! I’ll submit a PR soon! image

greggmancommented, Dec 30, 2022

I think I ran into this issue recently. I had code like this

    [Symbol.iterator](): IterableIterator<CaptureState> {
        let i = 0;
        this.iterating = true;

        return {
            registry: this,
            next() {
                while (i < this.registry.objects.length) {
                    const obj = this.registry.objects[i++].deref();
                    if (obj === undefined) {
                    return { value: this.registry.get(obj), done: false };
                this.registry.iterating = false;
                return { done: true };

It complains about this.registry not existing but it does exist and the code actually runs fine. I worked around it by simplifying the code but was surprised TS lost track of this.

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