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.includes or .indexOf does not narrow the type

See original GitHub issue

TypeScript Version: 3.7.x-dev.201xxxxx

Search Terms: .includes type narrowing, .indexOf type narrowing


interface TextMessage {
    type: 'text',
    text: string

interface ImageMessage {
    type: 'image',
    url: string

type Message = TextMessage | ImageMessage;

// This is an example to reproduce the error in Playground.
// In practice, assume this message comes from outside our control (e.g. HTTP request)
const message: Message = JSON.parse(prompt('') as string) as Message;

if (message.type === 'text') {
    // No error here
    message.text = message.text.trim();

// Same for ['text'].includes(message.type)
if (['text'].indexOf(message.type) > -1) {
    // Error: Property 'text' does not exist on type 'ImageMessage'
    message.text = message.text.trim();

Expected behavior: I expect message to narrow its type to TextMessage inside if (['text'].indexOf(message.type) > -1).

Same way it does inside if (message.type === 'text')

Actual behavior: message is typed as TextMessage | ImageMessage inside the if block

if (['text'].indexOf(message.type) > -1) {
    // Error: Property 'text' does not exist on type 'ImageMessage'
    message.text = message.text.trim();

Playground Link: Provided

Related Issues:

My argument is that if (message.type === 'text') should be considered equivalent to if (['text'].includes(message.type)).

It might seem irrelevant on a small example like this, but if the array (['text']) is large, the workaround is difficult to maintain.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

iansan5653commented, Jun 12, 2020

If #36352 were revisited, the includes function could be a lot more useful if the return type were an assertion, like:

interface Array<T> {
-    includes(searchElement: T, fromIndex?: number): boolean;
+    includes(searchElement: any, fromIndex?: number): searchElement is T;

Then, this would be fine:

if(["text"].includes(message.type)) {
  message.type; // "text"

IMO this is a much better way to type it than the current restriction, considering that the way it’s currently typed makes includes pretty much useless with arrays of enumerated types.

indexOf is a bit trickier and I wouldn’t necessarily support changing that definition.

RyanCavanaughcommented, Nov 20, 2020

@JGJP Why doesn’t TypeScript already have every feature it will eventually need? The answer is that we haven’t designed or completed those features yet, which is why we have an issue tracker and are employing a large team of developers to work on it. Having humans work on the product at a finite speed is in fact the best we can do, for now.

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